Garage Door Openers

Here at Affordable Garage Doors we only install professional line garage door openers. We rely and stand behind Liftmaster & Linear Garage Door Openers and their products. You can’t buy these garage door openers at your local Lowes or Home Depot and unless you are a dealer you probably won’t be able to get them anywhere else for that matter. They come standard with a limited lifetime motor warranty and also come with better warranties for the nylon gear inside every opener made these days. These garage door openers are built tough and are made for easier and faster installation times. Where the Lowes & Home Depot products come in one box with a 5 piece rail and motor, our products come in 2 separate boxes and one of them you couldn’t get in a car at all. This rail is a one piece t-rail made for better support while the garage door is in the up position. You don’t have to assemble anything except the motor to the rail. 2 half inch bolts is all you have to do to assemble it. The other brands take 15-30 mins just to assemble the rail and connect the part chain part cable together. These hardware store brands have partial chains and partial cables and plastic pulleys. Don’t be fooled by these inferior brands. Liftmaster is made by Chamberlain and that is a Home Depot & Lowes brand but they are not made the same. They are simply made for DIY homeowners that can pick them up in a car and install them themselves. We install the best and replace the rest!

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster has led the industry in safety, quality and innovation for over 45 years. When the 1st Liftmaster Garage Door Openers were made they were considered a luxury item for your home. Now more than 70% of homeowners with garage doors have openers and use them as their entry to their home. The garage door has become the replacement front door. Liftmaster has played a vital role in building a universal demand for this luxury. 

Nothing shows their dedication to quality more than their leading role in the garage door industry today. Over the years they have built a nation wide garage door network of authorized dealers to help customers with installations & repairs of their products that they stand behind with their Liftmaster guarantee. They have revolutionized the industry and are proud to be the #1 brand of professionally installed garage door openers and a major manufacturer of garage door openers and accessories.

Linear Garage Door Openers

Sometimes less is a lot more. That’s the case with the expanded line of Linear Garage Door Openers. In many cases, because we use many of the same parts model to model, dealers can stock reduced inventory, yet offer a wider range of models. Chain or belt drive. Drawbar or Jackshaft. Different horsepower and voltages. You can mix and match the operators that move the best in your market. With a long history in the residential garage door operating business, Linear understands the needs and wants of a homeowner when they are updating their operator or adding to their current system.

Inferior Garage Door Openers

Linear Garage Door OpenersDon’t settle for less when it comes to garage door opener installations.  Just because Joe Smoe the local Handyman can install a garage door opener and he can get one at the local hardware store, don’t be fooled by the difference these inferior products offer.  There’s a reason Garage Door Professionals use Liftmaster & Linear Brands instead of the Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain and any other brand I may have left out.  Durability and installation speeds are the most important factors but their warranties are not as good either.  The replacement parts for some of these inferior products aren’t available either.  The brands we carry and install have replacement parts on standby anytime we need them.  Affordable Garage Doors installs the best and replaces the rest.  We only install Liftmaster Garage Door openers & Linear Garage Door Openers.  Call us today for a free quote!