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Here at Affordable Garage Doors of Lawrenceville, GA we have the experience and know how to assist you with the perfect selection of your new carriage door.  There are so many variables included in this process that we urge you to take your time and get our professional expertise with this daunting task.  Architectural theme and budget plays the biggest factor when choosing the right garage door or carriage style door for your home or business.  If your garage door is visible from the road and needs replacing and you are looking to make a statement then I would suggest that you upgrade your plain metal garage door to a new carriage door.  This is pretty much the status quo nowadays.  There are many options available and plenty of manufacturers to supply them.  We have a slideshow above this content with several choices to choose from.  If for some reason you find anything from another manufacturer at least give us a chance to make an apples to apples bid.  Our prices are some of the most competitive around and we feel like the products we use are just better than those that other companies are using to come up with the lowest bid.  Affordable Garage Doors doesn’t want to have the lowest bid, we would rather be in the middle but offering a better service and much better product.  A product that not only our manufacturer can stand behind but us too.  We usually only deal with CHI & Amarr for the many styles, colors and quality carriage doors they provide.  Don’t settle for less, call the best garage door service in the area!

New Custom Carriage Doors 

Carriage Doors

These doors also come with the standard garage door window and insulation options for the stamped steel carriage doors but also come with hinge & handle hardware options as well as other window options for the wooden carriage doors.  The price difference between the plain metal garage door and the stamped steel carriage door isn’t a huge difference but the wooden carriage door prices increase dramatically.  This is why you must take your time and weigh out all of your options before choosing which carriage door is right for you!  Choosing the material is the first step to consider.  Wooden doors are a lot more expensive and will take more maintenance to keep them looking nice!  They will also have to be painted as soon as they are installed as to not void any warranties.  Bottom sections are always the first part needing replaced over the years and you must be prepared for that cost as well.  We have replaced many wooden garage doors and bottom sections or panels over the years.  This is a part of having a wooden garage door or carriage door.  Although these wooden carriage doors are extremely beautiful they also require a great deal more upkeep than the stamped steel carriage doors.  They also cost a lot more so be prepared for this when you are pricing wood carriage doors.  Call us today and ask for a free quote!  You’ll be glad you did!

Carriage Door Hardware Options

Hardware options are pretty standard with all the manufacturers in the carriage style door industry.  If you see something online at one website or manufacturer then we can probably get it through another brand name as well.  Below are some of the many options available and we will be looking to build a tool to design your door right here on our website, that way you can upload a picture of your home and try on your new garage door or carriage door.

Carriage Doors


Carriage Door Window Options

Call Affordable Garage Doors if you are thinking about an exterior upgrade that will stop traffic as it passes by your home or business!  We install the best and replace the rest!  Call today for all your new carriage door needs!